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Forensic Accounting Forum

Forensic Accounting Forum

Forensic Accounting Forum

Global financial crimes have raised the awareness that accountants should be alert to potential fraud and other economic disputes and can provide significant assistance in preventing, investigating, and resolving such matters. Forensic accountants provide these services with knowledge of court requirements and proceedings so that effective legal action is possible, even though most actions are concluded without the involvement of the courts. Although forensic accounting was growing in importance even before high-profiled cases of fraud and white collar crimes that have tightened the securities, capital market, and corporate governance rules and regulations in order to recognize that accounting students and professionals need a fuller understanding of fraud and other economic crimes, and how to find, prevent, and resolve them, as well as the career choices that could be involved.

The key objectives of the forum is to develop knowledge and expertise to prevent, detect and investigate fraud, and gain insight into how to recover funds derived from criminal activities as well as to expand understanding how the financial awards can be obtained from civil disputes.

The members of the forum are expected to share information on matters pertaining to forensic accounting and these include the promotion of good forensic accounting practices by:

  1. Identifying best practices and benchmarking in the national, international contexts and industry / sector specific contexts
  2. Enhancing the relationship and interaction between academia and the profession
  3. Facilitating ‘Continuous Professional Development and Education’ within forensic accounting
  4. Enabling the sharing of information on matters pertaining to forensic accounting.

ACFE Islamabad Chapter encourages and supports all accounting professionals functioning in the area of forensic accounting to please contact us as how to stimulate discussions by utilizing effectively this platform.

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