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Public-Private Partnership

Public-Private Partnership

Public-Private Partnership Forum

Public-Private Partnership Forum which can bring anti-fraud practitioners and professional together from the public and private sectors, in order to examine how cross-sector interests converge to achieve shared value.

The aim of this partnership is to share information and best practices in order to improve detection and prevent fraudulent practices. The goal is to reveal and halt scams that cut across a number of public and private players. It can be helpful to those who are on the frontlines of industry anti-fraud efforts to share their insights more easily with investigators, prosecutors, policymakers and other stakeholders. It can assist law enforcement officials to more effectively identify and prevent suspicious activities, better protect information and use the full range of safeguards provided by the legislation in order to combat and prosecute illegal actions.


The purpose of the Public-Private Partnership Forum is to improve the detection and prevention of anti-fraud efforts by:


(i)     Exchanging data and information between the public and private sectors.

(ii)   Leveraging various analytic tools against data sets provided by our partners.

(iii) Providing a forum for public and private leaders and subject matter experts to share successful anti-fraud practices and effective methodologies for detecting and preventing fraud and white collar crimes in their respective fields.


ACFE Islamabad Chapter is oriented towards training, outreach, education and information sharing.  


Learn about the benefits of this partnership, please visit



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